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Spam in your inbox and spam on your blog. The only place spam isn’t is on your dinner plate (I hope).

Luckily there are two great services available to help keep spam at bay on your blog: Akismet™, and Defensio™. Both services can be integrated into your application to help fend off spam.

Based on the excellent Ruby on Rails™ plugin of the same name, VikingGem brings you easy access to the Akismet™, and Defensio™ spam protection services, but without the need for you to use Rails™. VikingGem is Ruby web framework agnostic.

VikingGem also provides a few extra tweaks, and a slightly cleaner code base to make it easier for you to dive in and grok its inner-workings.


sudo gem install vikinggem

The basics

Coming soon!


The RDocs are extensive and available for you to peruse. Patches for documentation are always welcome and encouraged (see “How to submit patches”).

Demonstration of usage

Coming soon!


Need help? Want to chat about things you’d like to see different in VikingGem? A Google Group is available for you to use.

How to submit patches

Read the 8 steps for fixing other people’s code and for section 8b: Submit patch to Google Groups, use the Google Group above.

You can fetch the source from either:

git clone git://
git clone git://

Build and test instructions

cd vikinggem
rake spec
rake install_gem


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.


Comments are welcome. Send an email to James Herdman, Jed Hurt, Technoweenie via the forum

James Herdman, Jed Hurt, Technoweenie, 25th April 2008
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